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McKennon Operation Seed Plant Hours Fall 2017
Monday - Friday: 7:00AM to 5:00PM
Saturday: Call 541-310-8333
Sunday: Closed
Contact Info
McKennon Seed Office: 541-278-5077
Joe McDonald: 541-278-5070
Dale Kline: 541-278-5081
Mike Comstock: 541-278-5077
Milan Rencken: 541-564-4065

Address and Map
Address: 4600 NW Mckennon Rd. Pendleton Or.

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Seed Delivery Available
We can deliver to your location and have belt veyors available to unload your seed order. Price depends on distance and quantity. Please contact us for more details.

2017 Available Seed Varieties 

The PGG McKennon Station Seed Plant is now receiving and processing new crop seed wheat in preparation for this years planting seasons.  We will have the following varieties listed below in inventory and if there is something not listed, give us a call and we can possibly source it for you.

Some varieties are in limited supply, we honor those who place orders first so please help us provide your seed needs by placing an order early. Please note that varieties that have a ** require a signed agreement before you can take delivery.
Soft White Spring Soft White Winter Soft White Club Hard Red Winter Dark Northern Spring
Wit ORCF102** Cara Jet** Glee
Babe Bobtail   WB553** Solano **
WB6341 Assure     Kelse
Louise WB1529**        
  UI Magic**      
Canola Triticale Barley Other  
Amanda (conventional) Forerunner Haybet Austrian Winter Peas  
HyClass 115W **   Lenetah Forage MIx  
HyClass 154W **     Conservation Grass (CRP)  

Seed Treatment

The McKennon Station seed plant is equipped with a Gustafson “Mist-O-Matic” Seed applicator, this applicator provides superior treatmant coverage to each seed kernel.  Our standard treatment will be Albaugh PNW Custom Blend .50,  higher rates of Insecticide can be added if you have heavy Wireworm pressure or will be exposed to aphids.  If you have a request for a custom treatment, please ask, we will do our best to try and accomodate your needs.  Seed Starters such as Take Off or Pro-Seed can generally be added.



Pendleton Athena LaGrande Area
McKennon Station, this is our plant location and most products will be available in Bulk, Tote bags, or 80# bags

We have several products in the bulk tanks at Athena.  

We will have and a limited amount of seed available in Tote bags and 80# bags. We will have limited delivery capability.

541-278-5077 541-278-5077 541-969-1674
Map: Link Map: Link Map: Link

Choosing a seed varietyHRW 553

Many factors go into selecting the variety or varieties that you will plant on your farm.  It is not just yield potential, factors such as thresh-ability, plant height, resistance to lodging, test weight, straw management, winter hardiness, and other disease tolerances go into that equation.  Each grower may weigh those factors differently.  We suggest looking at variety trial results on several sites and over several years data, combined with talking with other growers in similar environments and farming practices.  Do not rely on someone who may cherry pick trial data.  Last year a seed dealer advertised one of their products topping the yield at an OSU site when only 15 miles away at another OSU site that variety was the bottom out of 40 varieties.  My point being, look at more than one trial over multiple years of data.  Several sites you can go to for variety testing information are: Cereal Central/OSU; Cereal Variety Testing, Washington, Oregon Elite Nursery Performance Data.


Technology Agreements

The varieties above that are noted with an * are Proprietary and require that a technology agreement be signed.  This is basically a “NO SAVE SEED AGREEMENT” that protects the parent companies property rights.  PGG cannot load seed until these agreements are in place.  If you have not been to the; web site and signed these agreements please do so before you get close to seeding.  We would suggest that you do agreements for OSU, WSU, UofI, Westbred, Limagrain, and Syngenta.  Also the Monsanto agreement if you ever plan to use any Roundup Ready Crops.  Scroll through the seed suppliers and click on PGG Inc..  You may also enter other suppliers at this time that you may get seed from.  When you get on the web site, click on the “grower” box and it will prompt you through the process.  There is a help line phone number if you need any assistance,  If you do not have internet, drop by and we will help you through it or have a PGG representative bring an Ipad out to get it done.  BASF is the only company we deal with that has not signed on to the AgCelerate program, they still require a paper agreement be signed annually for the “Clearfield Wheat” program.  If you plan to use Clearfield seed we will get one of these agreements to you.

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