Pendleton Grain Growers, Inc. (PGG) is a member-owned agricultural cooperative proudly rooted in its history of serving the communities of eastern Oregon and Washington. Since its founding over 80 years ago, PGG has continually worked to deliver our members and communities superior agricultural products and services. The network of services that PGG provides to its members and communities include: agricultural supply outlets, agronomy supplies and services, automotive service center, energy products, fleet transportation and grain handling and merchandising. Together, PGG will provide its members and the communities the resources to cultivate the future.

When PGG was founded over eight decades ago, the members needed stability in market access and an organization that would provide leadership for the agricultural communities of the region. Today, this still stands true and we are continuing to work everyday to provide more marketing and supply resources to the members of PGG. 


Membership Application 

Are you interested in becoming a member of PGG? To meet the qualifications set in the By-Laws you must be an agricultural producer, who does a minimum of $100.00 worth of business with the cooperative every three years or sells one unit of grain through the organization. If you meet these qualifications please fill out the membership form, W-9 and submit a check for the value of your class A stock. 
More information is available on the membership application. 

Membership Application 
Form W-9 



Pendleton Grain Growers, Inc sells its grain division 

Pendleton Grain Growers to Divest Grain Division Assets 

Local Cooperative Exits Retail and Automotive Business


For additional information contact the Public and Membership Relations Department at (800) 422-7611 or
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