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The PGG Story

Pendleton Grain Growers was born in the wake of the great collapse of the American economic foundation in 1929. In December of that year, about 100 Umatilla Country wheat farmers convened to talk about a new hope for wheat growers. A co-op was created to advocate for and advance the best interests of members and the Eastern Oregon agricultural community.

In the following decades, PGG built a culture of innovation, making many decisions that shaped the growth of the company and its membership, including a move to the bulk handling of grain, use of the Columbia River to transport grain and the possibilities offered by expanding into beneficial complementary business lines like feed mills, grain storage and irrigation. PGG pushed for what was best for its members and the surrounding agricultural community. Partnerships, focused lines of business and opportunistic decisions provided members with avenues to compete in a modern agricultural economy.

In May 2016, in the wake of high operating costs and low grain receipts, PGG members voted to dissolve. It was not an easy decision, but it is the best way to return equity over time to members and allow businesses to operate independently or with partners who can bring new resources and value to Eastern Oregon farmers and families.

The co-op continues to operate today as it moves through the dissolution process. PGG Seed at McKennon Station remains one of the most competitive offerings for high-quality seed for wheat, barley and other crops.





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